Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS client management software is a digital rostering tool designed to assist health service providers, support providers, and caregivers working remotely under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia.
Standard features of NDIS provider software include client profiles (personal information, disability, medical history), support plans, service scheduling, billing and invoicing, progress tracking, reporting, compliance management, communication tools, integrated calendar, staff management, care plan management, and integration with NDIS systems.
With the help of Shiftware users can assign shifts, raise inquiries for the shift, cancel the shifts, track the progress of the shifts, and keep a record of all the booked, canceled, pending, and completed shifts.
Yes, NDIS provider software facilitates collaboration and communication among team members, including internal messaging and shared document storage.
The NDIS software automates billing processes, generating invoices based on services provided, NDIS pricing rules, and client plans. Some also offer direct NDIS claims submission.
Users can access and use the Shiftware with the Startup plan without any time limit. It’s a free forever plan for the users.
Up to 8 users can access and use the Shiftware with a free forever plan.
Yes, with Shiftware you can access the profile of carer and staff.
No, you need the internet to access and run the Shiftware app or website.
To make care and support providing service better Shiftware users can do shift management, and care plan management with the free forever Start-up plan.
There is no limitation on the number of users. Subscribers need to pay 4.99$ per month per user.
Yes, Shiftware allows you to report any incident that occurs during your shift. You can attach the police report, witness information, and incident on the Shiftware.
Health service providers, caregivers, support providers, and people with disabilities can use the Shiftware to meet their purpose.
Yes, Shiftware is available both on iOS and Android. Android users can download it from the Google Play store while iOS users can download it from App Store.
Yes, carers can access the medical history, likes-dislikes of the client, personal information, budget of the client, and other required information to provide better support service and care to the clients.
Yes, you can manage your unavailability using the Shiftware. Also, you can manage your shifts and keep a record of your shifts in Shiftware.
Users can track the number of shifts completed, keep the billing record, and manage the expenses with the Shiftware which helps in easy billing and invoicing. Also, Shiftware NDIS compliant price book to the users making invoicing and budget management better and easy.
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